Peace in the Park is a free annual festival celebrating wisdom, well-being and wonder in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. The festival unites world-renowned peace leaders, yogis, wellness scientists and researchers, meditation and mindfulness teachers with celebrated performers and artists to share the art and science of well-being with the community in a fun, festive, family-friendly environment.

Partners & Sponsors

Many of Our Partners will be present at the event providing advice, education and personal enrichment. Click here to see all


The Passport is a full and simple way to make the most of your day!

Out of 20 points of peace if you do 12 of them you are eligible for a prize!

*Limited Prizes Only.

NOTE: A peace passport is not a requirement for festival addmission


11:00Am to 5:00Pm , Yoga Tent

Drumming Circle

educator and recording artist Solomon Masala at 11:00AM in the Youth Theater.

11:00AM - 5:30PM , Conversation Tent

Hosted Conversations

Sit down and connect with a total stranger for ten minutes. Bridge new gaps with folks from different walks of life at Hosted Conversation Tent.

3pm and 5:30pm , Main Stage

Pause for World Peace

at 3pm & 5:30pm. Join us when the entire festival will pause for a guided group meditation, lead from the main stage. Be prepared to feel refreshed and send a blessing to the world!


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